Health and Safety Induction

Taha Auto Limited is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees, contractors, visitors, and other stakeholders involved in our car dismantling/recyling operations. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, complying with all relevant health and safety legislation, and continuously improving our safety performance.

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New Zealand is covered by three main pieces of legislation:

1.Health and Safety Work Act 2015

2.HSW (General Risk and Workplace Regulations 2016)

3.HSW (Worker Engagement, Participation and Representative Regulations 2016)

Code of Conduct

Remember your actions or inaction’s directly affect not just you, but also others. The code is designed to enable everybody to make a decision to stop work if they feel that anything they see, or are asked to do, is unsafe or in appropriate.

At all times:

  • Be courteous and respect to others
  • Be honest and trustworthy in all your dealings with others
  • Keep the work area clean, tidy, safe and secure 
  • Report all near misses and incidents to the supervisor
  • Taha Auto Limited is a smoke free zone, there is NO smoking or vaping within the building or directly outside any external door. Use the designated area for smoking
  • Be drug and alcohol free 
  • If you are a team leader/supervisor you must ensure your team have read and completed this induction.

Roles and Responsibilities

Management Commitment

  • Taha Auto Limited management is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • Management will allocate the necessary resources to ensure the implementation of health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Regular safety reviews and updates will be conducted by management.

Employee Responsibilities

  • All employees are responsible for their safety and the safety of others.
  • Employees must follow safety rules, guidelines, and procedures at all times.
  • All the car dismantling, repair and inspection must be done at the designated area using hoist. It is strictly prohibited to do vehicle inspection, repair and dismantling in the car yard.
  • Under no circumstance , employees should work under the car while its on forklift.
  • Keep yourself safely equipped when using Forklifts. Please stay away from area where forklifts and heavy machinery is in use.  Ensure safety equipment is worn at all times.
  • Reporting unsafe conditions, incidents, and near-misses is an obligation for all employees. 

Safety Representatives

  • The supervisors of respective division as safety representatives will participate in safety meetings and audits.
Health and Safety Procedures

Risk Assessment

Regular risk assessments will be conducted to identify and mitigate hazards associated with car dismantling activities.

Training and Awareness

  • All employees will receive training on safety procedures and practices relevant to their job roles.
  • New employees will receive comprehensive safety orientation.
  • Regular safety awareness campaigns will be conducted.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Appropriate PPE will be provided to all employees, and its use will be enforced.
  • Employees must wear the required PPE at all times while on the job.

 Emergency Response

  • Emergency response plans and evacuation procedures will be established and communicated to all employees.
  • Emergency drills will be conducted periodically.
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation.
  • All incidents, accidents, and near-misses must be reported immediately.
  • Thorough investigations will be conducted to determine the root causes and prevent future occurrences.

Health and Safety Inspections

  • Regular workplace inspections will be carried out to identify and rectify safety hazards.
  • Inspections will be documented, and corrective actions will be taken promptly.

Slips, Trips, Falls and Manual Handling

  • Create good housekeeping practices. If you see there is something that someone could potentially fall or trip over, move it or notify someone to do it.
  • Reduce wet or slippery surfaces. Use any aids provided such as mats for interior floors if it has been raining, or wet floor signs as a warning for everyone to take care. 
  • Control individual behavior. Walk, don’t run; don’t take shortcuts. Ensure you are paying attention to your surroundings and where you are walking as heavy machines, vehicles are on move in the premises.
  • Think before lifting. Remove obstructions to ensure stable footing at all times.Avoid twisting your back or leaning sideways. Shoulders should be kept level and facing in the same direction as the hips. Do not lift or handle more than can easily be managed. If you are unsure, please ask someone for help.

Safety Culture

Taha Auto Limited promotes a culture of safety, where employees are encouraged to report safety concerns and offer suggestions for improvement.


Taha Auto Limited is committed to complying with the Health and Safety Act 2015 and its associated regulations.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood Taha Auto Limited’s Health and Safety Policy and commit to adhering to its principles and procedures.

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