Wellington Cat Form


Terms and Conditions

  1. In case of helping driver you are responsible for your own health and safety.
  2. By signing, seller agree that he is acting in good faith
  3. Vendor warrants that the goods herein stated are his/her sole property and are free of all encumbrances both at law and in equiry and there is no impediment whatsover to his/her giving possession and a good title to the goods immediately upon execution of this agreement and the covenants contain in this clause shall constitue a condition precedent to this agreement and further should at any subsequent date the purchase suffer any loss through a breach of this clause by the vendor, then the vendor will upon demand made of him/her by the purchase make good to the full, any such loses. Goods sold remain the property of the vendor untill financial transaction is completed.

Wrapping Conditions

  1. If you have a small quantity of 1-10 we won't be able to come you meet you physically. you can wrap and put them into boxes. our courier company will come and remove it.
  2. The money will be transfer and paid same time as our courier company picks up the box/boxes..
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